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Customer reviews

4 Reviews
Xudong W.
Jun 6, 2022

I am totally absolutely definitely satisfied with the note air2 you created.

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Steffen B.
Feb 17, 2022

Hi all,
this is my second purchase from boox. And I am very happy. I like the products with eInk display (for me note2 and mira13). I also like the easy shopping at boox.com and convenient information about shipping and delivery. The response of your support is amazingly fast. Very good. Keep up the good work. Best Regards Steffen

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John C.
May 7, 2022

Great device, I'm very pleased! The color is actually really good for an e-ink device. I love using it for Nook, Kindle, Glose, and (of course) The Economist! The pictures have the "warm" light, and I'm using the Nova Pro Launcher.

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Juan C.
Aug 29, 2021

I love this stylus, I work in construction and I use a Samsung Tab S7 and my Note Air tablet. I love the feel of the stylus that came on my Air tablet but I couldn't use it on my Samsung tablet. So I got this pen and now I can work on both tablets and don't have to switch stylus. Samsung stylus also works on both tablets but don't get the paper feel to it.

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